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After graduating from the University of Guelph, Kaitlyn is taking some time off to decide what to do next.  In the meantime, she is looking forward to getting Second Star up and running as well as working towards her own goals, such a completing her CPC C2 with her horse Seven (3'3 jumping, Entry/ Pretraining XC) and training her mare, Holly to ride western to compete in Extreme Cowboy.

A natural teacher, Cassandra has also grown up around horses.  Cass loves to work with horses, and many other animals, on the ground, but also enjoys the occasional ride.  A calm nature and friendly attitude allows Cass to excel in working with both young riders and horses.  She has been learning to teach, with some help from Laurie, as well as other certified coaches.  She is also keen to start learning to drive horses, and teaching her own horse Toby, as well as Kaitlyn's horse Seven to long line, and working towards being able to drive them one day.

Kaitlyn Henderson, B.Sc

Kaitlyn Henderson has been around horses since she was a young child, having two "horsey" parents. She often spent the summers at riding camps where her mother was teaching, spending as much time as she could around the horses, eventually taking lessons herself. Kaitlyn is an active competitor, within a broad range of disciplines, from show jumping and dressage, to mounted games and Le TREC.  She started showing through Pony Club, and is still an active member having obtained her full C1 level and C2 stable management and flat riding. She has proudly represented the CPC at International Quiz in 2014, and was National Quiz C level champion in 2012.

Cassandra Henderson