A certified EC Instructor and a CTRSI (riders with disabilities), Laurie was a riding member of the Governor General’s Horse Guards (GGHG) Riding Club and Cavalry Squadron from 1988 to 2009. She has taught riders young and old since the early 90s.  She has supported Toronto's Community Association for Riding for the Disabled (CARD) for many years as both a volunteer and an instructor. 

​A former member of the GGHG Cavalry squadron as a civilian volunteer, she gained a background in military style riding, participating in parades, and mounted drill demonstrations. Laurie also served as a stable manager for the GGHG Equestrian Centre, caring for upwards of 20 horses when the Guards had their own facilities. 

Andrew Henderson is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces in the reserves, serving as a Major with the Governor General's Horse Guards (GGHG). As an eager young trooper, he joined the Cavalry squadron, meeting Laurie there a few years later. Fast forward a few decades, and Andrew still enjoys spending time with horses. Being in the Army and riding with the Cavalry squadron, Andrew is the practical side of the operation, as well as the resident "handyman". Despite working full time with the Army, he still finds time to enjoy a leisurely trail ride in his western saddle - as well as the occasional ceremonial riding duty with "the Cav". 

Having raised two horse crazy daughters, Laurie is a firm believer in educating people to be not only riders, but true horsemen and women. This led her to encouraging her daughters to join the Canadian Pony Club (CPC), and becoming a volunteer herself with this organization. With the CPC, Laurie  filled several positions, including Regional Dressage, Rally (Eventing), Quiz Chair, and Regional Chair. Laurie and her daughters are still actively involved with the CPC, promoting the development of educated young horse people.
In her working life, Laurie is an editor and writer, who has written several pieces for well known horse magazines, such as Horse Sport and Horse Canada.

Maj. Andrew Henderson, CD

Laurie Blake, M.A., EC-I, CTRSI

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